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The Best Pet Hair Vacuums for Pets Who Shed a Ton

Dogs and cats are often thought of as part of the family. As a result, they have access to our furniture, bedding, and carpeting. They sleep with us, sit on the couch and watch TV with us, or curl up by our feet, snuggling deeply within our rugging. The one issue that pet owners have to deal with in all these situations, is pet shedding. Some dog breeds, such as the Akita, Chow Chow, or Saint Bernard tend to have heavy undercoats which lead to more shedding. In cats, the Burmese, Persian and Himalayan tend to be heavy shedders.


However, almost every breed sheds their hair, and brushing and combing the coat is often not enough to keep the hair off of furniture or clothing. Thus, a powerful home vacuum cleaner is often called upon to do the job, and do it correctly. The typical home vacuum cleaner is not designed to efficiently clean up pet hair, dander and debris. In order to keep your home free from pet fur and dander, a specialized vacuum is often required to do the task. These specialized vacuums all have enhanced features, such as filters, tools and bags, along with powerful, long lasting motors that result in increased suction.


None of the features on a vacuum designed for the removal of pet hair are more important than it’s suction power. Vacuums work by sucking the debris up from the floor or carpet and continuing the suction until the debris and grit enter a collector bin or bag. An important consideration when shopping for your vacuum, is to be aware of the fact that it is the design of the motor that makes pet vacuums powerful, not the amps.

man fixing household appliance

For example, most typical and pet vacuums are 12 amps. However, it’s how the company designed the motor that utilizes the electrical input that really makes the difference. So amps alone do not determine the power of the suction, it’s the design of the motor determines that. For instance, the Dyson DC41 is a favorite among pet owners, as its’ radial root cyclone technology said to have the highest suction of all pet vacuums. Another favorite is the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel. Both of these vacuums have a specially designed system that works differently from a typical vacuum, and it’s these technologies that make the difference between the typical vacuum and that of the more powerful pet vacuum models.

Dyson DC42

Vacuums designed to clean up pet dander and hair have tools that have slight design deviations in order to perform their job more efficiently. For example, the brushes of these vacuums will have modified patterns to their bristles, and the hose and tools will more than likely have larger openings to prevent clogging. Clogging is a big issue for the typical home vacuum cleaner when sucking up pet hair, so the larger openings and those found in specialty vacuums will prevent this from happening. Another accessory that is important is the type of collection bin or bags used. These vacuums will often use bags that are specially designed to prevent dirt, dander and hair from being blown out from the vacuum while it is running. Only use the bags that are recommended for your particular vacuum cleaner. Collector bins are found in vacuums that do not use bags.


For some people, this is preferred as they find changing bags a hassle, messy and very unpleasant task to engage in. For people with allergies, HEPA and carbon filters are an absolute must. These filters work to prevent the spread of pet danders in the air, which are often the main culprit in pet allergies suffered by owners.


One of the biggest benefits to owning a vacuum specifically designed to pick up pet hair, is the life cycle of the vacuum. Those who have used the typical vacuum for doing this type of heavy work have often found that they burn out their motors very quickly, and are always in the market for a replacement vacuum. Vacuums designed for pet hair pickup have tougher motors, that are built to handle tougher tasks.


However, it is important to note that these vacuums can also burn out over time, so it’s extremely important that you research the warranties and service contracts for each particular model you are interested in. To further ensure that you extend the life of your machine, pay particular attention to the product manual that came with your pet vacuum, and follow it’s care and maintenance instructions. The price of a vacuum built to handle pet hair and dander will be more expensive than a typical vacuum, due to the more powerful motor, specialized accessories, tools and bags. So research your choices well, check the warranties and descriptions online before you decide which model to purchase.

Though vacuum cleaners designed to handle pet hair and dander require a higher initial investment, in the long run they will pay for themselves. The best rated vacuum for pet hair will assist the pet owner in getting the job done faster, more efficiently and cleanly than a typical home vacuum cleaner. All in all, for pet lovers everywhere, the pet vacuum is the correct choice for the job at hand.

Do bear in mind that there are different types of pet hair vacuums that were designed based on what the floors in your home are made of. For homes with hardwood flooring, it’s a must to select any of the specially designed vacuums found on:

Great Tips for Deodorizing Your Home

Even if you clean your house every single day and have everything proper and tidy you can not escape the smells that build up and can not be erased or avoided. However, do not worry about this and let it bother you too bad or pull you down. There a few ways you can pull smells and odors out of your house.


  1. Stinky Trash

cleaning the trashcan

When you empty the bags from your trashcans that are located inside your house and outside of your house you should take this opportunity to round up all of your trash cans and clean them very well with soap and some warm water, you can also add a little bleach if you would like doing so will pull out any trash that has been dropped inside of the cans. If you place a few fabric softeners in the bottoms before putting a trash bag in the trashcans you will have a new agent that absorbs and soaks up all the odor that would be left sitting on the can.


  1. A burnt-on food spill.


If you happen to drop something on your stove as you are cooking whether it is a food substance or a liquid if you quickly splash a little bit of salt on the areas where the product was spilled it will actually eat up the smell that left your house smelling burnt and you will have less of a mess to clean up when you decide to wipe down your stovetop.


  1. A musty freezer


If you get one of your olds socks and place coffee grounds in the sock and place this in your kitchen whereever you may have a very foul odor this is a deodorizing agent and soaks up the horrible smell that is present.


  1. A smelly microwave

cleaning the microwave

When you cook popcorn and you burn it the smell seems to linger around forever before it actually disintegrates. If you want a faster alternative to use in aiding with this smell you can actually place a cup and a half of water along with some lemon slices and some kind of spice that smells decent maybe cloves, and then you will boil it and let it sit for 15 minutes in your and let the mixture cool off and leave your microwave door open for around an hour and it will air out and not smell like burnt popcorn anymore.


  1. A foul dishwasher


If you have a horrible smell coming from your dishwasher make sure the drain does not have a kink or food blocking the areas where the blades are present. After, this you can actual dump vinegar in the dishwasher and let it marinite in the dishwasher for at least and hour and then run your dishwasher as you would any other time. After your clean the washer if the smell is still present you may want to call and contact a plumber because the problem could be something harmful and that needs to be fixed up by someone in the profession.


  1. Rancid wooden cutting boards and counters


If you use lemon juice and baking soda or salt you can clean your wood with this mix. After you finish clean the board off and counters very well and then place mineral oil on the item.


  1. A pungent kitchen


If you are cooking items like a cabbage head or fish and know the odor will be strong and overwhelming place vinegar in a bowl and let it sit on the stove where it can work as a drawing agent to draw in the smell. If you have a fridge that has a horrible nasty odor you can also put the baking soda in a butter bowl and place holes in the lid and this will draw the smell away from your fridge. Make sure to clean and change the baking soda in the bowl often. Use vinegar to clean your fridge walls to reduce further odors.


  1. A sour smelling garbage disposal


If you place a lemon or even rinds from a lime while your garbage disposal is turned on with cold water this will help reduce any nasty odors.


  1. The toilet


When you need to actually clean your toilet choose to use vinegar and let it stay in the toilet before cleaning or flushing for at least 5 minutes and then find a brush or your toilet brush and clean the area and then flush.


  1. Not so fresh bathroom air


IGet your essential oil scent of your choice and dip some cotton balls in the oil. From there put the cotton balls in a bowl of some sort and sit them on the different shelves or countertops in your bathroom and place matches near your toilet for them to be used when they are needed.


  1. Dingy carpeting


If you have carpet that smells putrid get a box of baking soda and place it all over your carpeted area letting it sit for at least thirty minutes then afterward you just vacuum it up and the smell will be reduced.


  1. A musty mattress


Use a spray such as Lysol to disinfect your mattress and then place some baking soda onto your mattress and let the baking soda soak into your mattress for a minimum of thirty minutes and then you can also vacuum it off easily.


  1. Dank basement


Buy activated charcoal and place an open container in your basement as it will draw in the moisture in the air and keep mildew at bay so the smell is not as pungent. If you have a lot of mold present or mildew growing you can always look into buying a dehumidifier.


  1. A stale closet


You can also use coffee grounds in a sock in a closet that smells stale to draw out the odor.


  1. A smelly pet

If you have guest coming over and you see that you have a pet that smells horrendous you can place baking soda on your pets fur and then easily brush the left over out of their fur and this can be kind of a hack to use until their next bathing session.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

If you want to create a natural home, then using natural cleaning products is a good place to start. As well as reducing your exposure to chemicals, you will also save time and money. The tips that are discussed below can help you start to use natural cleaning solutions around your home.


  1. Clean The Oven With Baking Soda

Woman cleaning the stove


A paste can be made from baking soda and water which is then applied to the bottom of the oven. After a few hours it can be wiped off and your oven will be clean and shiny.


  1. Make Your Own Magic Eraser

Magic eraser


Magic Erasers are made from melamine sponge which you are able to purchase from Amazon, or from a store near you. Buying this in bulk can save you a lot of money over time.


  1. Make Use Of Microfiber


The properties that are in microfiber cloths and mops mean that you do not need to use any chemicals at all. Just using water will give you great results all around your home. This means that you do not have to buy any cleaning products in the future.


  1. Make Your Own Scouring Powder


All that is needed to make your own scouring powder is 2 parts baking soda, 1 part borax and 1 part salt. This will cut through soap scum that can build up on baths and showers a just as well as powder that is made from chemicals.


  1. Use Vinegar Infused With Citrus


This will take a couple of weeks to make but once you have the solution it can be used for a number of cleaning tasks such as mopping floors, cleaning windows and as a disinfectant. A jar will need to be filled with citrus peel and this will have undiluted white vinegar poured over it. After two weeks the solution can be strained and it will be ready to use.


  1. Vinegar Can Clean The Dishwasher


Placing a cup of vinegar on the top shelf of the dishwasher and then running a hot cycle is an effective way to clean your dishwasher. You should make sure that it is empty of all other dishes before this is carried out.


  1. Make A Checklist

Cleaning your home is often a task that you wish you did not have to do so often. By keeping a checklist of what rooms have been cleaned and when, you can prevent tasks from being replicated and this will save you time.